Veronica GROSU, Svetlana MIHAILA, Violeta CODREAN, Iulian DASCĂLU


Cash, as a means of money, is a mandatory component of the accounting system because accounting can only work with values, through which take place the generalization and expression of the reality of economic phenomena. From the point of view of cash classification, depending on the presentation, we identify the letter of credit, known as a financial instrument for securing payment, also illustrating its classification with the necessary example. The topicality of the article results from the consideration that researching the specialized literature for the last years, the authors noticed the absence of articles addressing this topic. The research methods used include such methods as the normative documentary method, induction and deduction, analytical study, etc. The purpose of this article is to highlight the main arguments of using the letter of credit in terms of literature, both national and international, in order to motivate economic agents in its use, because from the moment of issuance, the supplier is assured that all the provisions of the commercial contract will be observed by the buyer.


Cash; Documentary Letter of Credit; Financial Instrument; Instrument; Letter of Credit;


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