Marius Costel Esi


The economic activity goals reveal a number of aspects which express the need for re-evaluating the way in which the dynamics analysis values may be correlated with the wording business mission. Under these conditions, managerial undertaken strategies at the level of business may be validated in so far as they reveal purpose/ objectives assumed/ undertaken by decision makers (particularly top-managers). Moreover, compliance with eligibility criteria according to which management strategies are reflected, should be aimed at in our opinion improving decision-making process. But such a decision-making process involves an understanding of the judicious economic actors/ labor with regard to the way in which it is possible to analyze the dynamics values in relation to formulation  of  business organization's mission.

In these circumstances, a first objective of this research is analysis dynamics values in the context of formulation of business mission. In this way, by this approach, we strive to show you those conditionings that make it possible formulation of business mission in relation to organizational culture.  On the other hand, a second objective that we have in view is given of the way in which is to bring about the process of defining and statement of organizational mission, a process linked to the size of axiological mission statement of business organization. This status as a matter of fact, in the light of the analysis we take into account,  a business model in which the objectives, strategies, organization mission business become materialized in so far as that contextuality  venture is validated in relation to socio-economic prospects. Therefore, the existence of phenomena such as social and economic situation involves a series of connections between different levels of displacing of the organization of business which provides, in fact, its legitimacy


values dynamic, mission statement, business organization, organizational strategy, organizational culture

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