Badicu Galina


The audit activity is the independent examination of the annual financial statements, including the consolidated ones of the audited entity to express a professional opinion of the auditor on whether the financial statements are prepared in all material respects in accordance with the applicable general financial reporting framework. The purpose of the audit consists in verifying the financial statements having an internal utility (for the management of the audited entity) and another external one, for informing third parties (shareholders, investors, government institutions, customers, suppliers, creditors, etc.), exercised in order to ensure the credibility of this information. The development and modernization of the economy presupposes the alignment of the audit with the exigencies and standards in the matter existing both in the European space and internationallyThe purpose of this research is to present the most relevant aspects with reference to the audit activity in the Republic of Moldova, but also to reveal the current context related to the theme, in order to formulate the conclusions related to the subject of the research. In order to examine the evolution of audit activity in the Republic of Moldova, we conducted a research on the entities in this field, researching five consecutive periods. For the evaluation of the scientific performance in the field of audit activity, the bibliographic and bibliometric databases in online format Web of Science and Scopus were analyzed.


audit activity; audit entities; audit risk insurance; Public Audit Supervisory Council; revenues from the audit of financial statements

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