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In this article we try to find an answer to the question of whether the concept of risk is compatible with the academic environment. Universities are organizations that have a very special mission - to ensure the future of the country with competent people, capable of leading institutions, but also countries as a whole. We show that universities are, in fact, complex organizations that operate in a turbulent environment with multiple challenges that they have to face. Indeed, risk is an integral part of the existence and therefore the management of organizations. Thus, whether we realize it or not, risk-taking is consubstantial with everything. Since taking risks is inevitable, there is no other way to increase the chances of success in the decisions made than to study the risks, in their two variables, namely their probability and their impact, in order to manage them properly. So, for a university it is vital to have a risk management strategy, which would allow us to have a complex and systemic view of all the risks that threaten the university and allow us to think of appropriate risk response strategies.


change; higher education management; risk management; risk response; strategies



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