The Role of Ethical Leadership in Organizations

Manana Kharkheli, Davit Gavardashvili


The prosperity and success of any company greatly depends on the leadership qualities and skills of the management. Leadership is essential for successful management. It is a process where one person has a certain influence on other members and leads them to achieve the set goal by a process. A leader is the person with the leverage of influence. The head of the organization should be an effective manager and a leader. When it comes to a leadership, the issue of ethics is also worth noting. A leader, who works alongside with and makes an impact on people with different characteristics, must behave ethically. Every single decision made by a leader should be based on ethical standards. A leader must be able to control himself and others, to manage emotions, take responsibility and make fair decisions. Consequently, issues related to ethical leadership are an important research subject and the given article deals with those aspects of ethics that are directly concerned to a leadership.


ethics, leadership and management, ethical views, principles of ethics.

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