Tamar Dudauri


The aim of this study is that the role of small and medium-sized businesses in the economic life of society is very important: it contributes to economic growth in the country, raises the level of employment, creates healthy competition, promotes the development of innovations, and solves many social problems.
Many Georgian or International organizations regularly publish their research, but there is still much to investigate and learn more about small and medium-sized business development trends in crisis conditions.
The article analyzes the development trends of small and medium businesses in Georgia in conditions of external shocks. The analysis of the dynamics of small and medium business development indicators in the country in 2017-2022 is presented.
it is of great importance that small and medium-sized businesses fully absorb the support and incentive programs planned in Georgia and use the significant opportunities that these programs create, as a result of which the country's economic growth and development will be accelerated, the living standards of the population will rise, and the country's competitiveness will increase.


small and medium entrepreneurship, competition, development, economy


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