Elena Railean, Oxana Savciuc


In the article, the authors investigate the behavior of online consumers, studying global trends and online behavior of users in the Republic of Moldova. The paper considers the factors influencing their behavior and the possibility of changing these factors. The authors analyze the behavior of consumers in the network in different genders, age groups in different time periods. Features of consumer behavior on the Internet require its constant study, monitoring and building new models of interaction with them. Information technology makes it possible to more accurately study the behavior of consumers on the network. The development and adaptation of marketing strategies today should be carried out taking into account such characteristics of consumer behavior as the frequency and time spent on the Internet, studying the characteristics of a product, and analyzing the best offers. Online shopping behavior is influenced by factors such as: confident web browsing, consumer income, online risk attitude, online shopping experience. Marketers should strive for flexibility and rapid adaptation to a changing information environment at points of interaction with channels and curation of content.


consumer research, online consumer behavior, features, online shopping, social networks, informing, marketing strategies, marketing communications.


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