In this paper, we intend to discuss a topic of particular importance, given that it addresses the imperatives of international political and legal order, as they appear in the light of current international law. It is an issue of great complexity, of very wide current interest because the international law that establishes and maintains an international legal order is a real energetic factor of organization of international community life. So viewed, the rules of international nature respond to the current acute need of founding the relations in this field and of meeting the common needs of the members of international society. We considered that by comparison with the internal legal order reflecting the health inscribed in this order, the international legal order is influenced by the structuring and training of the mondial community. Therefore we shall insist on the principal model of organizing international life – the state – to be viewed and analyzed in a double perspective: as an internal sovereign authority and as an actor on the scene of international life. In both instances, the state provides the foundation of legal order (domestic or international) for that law has always been the expression of the state wish.


state; legal order; globalization; international collaboration and cooperation.


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