Rufi Osmani



In the rapid changes of the business environment companies have to improve permanently their performance to successfully face the increasing challenges and competition in national and international markets. Managerial Accounting as an integral part of the information system of the company has increasing impact in the decision process. Costs and revenues as relevant information produced by Managerial Accounting are of great importance for adopting managerial decisions. Costs and revenues that do not affect decisions are treated as irrelevant information, and are not taken into consideration in the decision process. Managerial decisions have a significant implication on performance and profitability of the company, the profits or negative financial results are a direct reflection of the quality of managerial decisions.

As will be noted throughout the paper, the research shows that in the case of analyzed companies (54) in the Polog region, the level of implementation of the concepts and tools of Managerial Accounting depends on: the size of the company, human resources, the value of assets and equity, the value of ­­­­­­debts, the type of activity of the companies, the attractiveness of business environment and the cooperation of the businesses with education sector.

Results from the survey show that principles of managerial accounting as a subsystem of the larger information system are partially applied by companies in the Polog region. According to the specific findings of the paper, the implementation of Relevant Information is in direct relation to the size of the companies (micro and small companies over 90%), lack of human resources (80% of companies do not have professional staff) and the activities of companies by sectors, where 95% are trade and services and only 5% are in the manufacturing.

The research reveals that companies of Polog region should cooperate intensively with institutions of research and economic education in order to ensure quality human resources as a prerequisite of effective implementation of advanced techniques of Managerial Accounting. The findings of the author of this study are consistent with findings of international and national researchers.


Key words: Managerial Accounting, relevant information, decision making process, relevant revenues and relevant costs, company management,


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