Iulian Gabriel PAUN


The role of transport services in the tourism sector is very important - the tourist is forced to travel in order to reach the destination. The current economic crisis has profound implications on the entire world economy, also affecting national economies. Transport and tourism are important industries of the national economy and their role in overall economic development should not be neglected. This paper intends to explore the implications of private air transport on the evolution of tourism in Romania. In order to see the relationships that exist between the two sectors, we will analyze a set of indicators that are important for the dynamics of these industries. It is worth analyzing the correlation degree between the tourist traffic indicators and some of the air transport indicators. In order to conduct these measurements, we will apply various econometric and statistical methods as the correlation coefficient and the regression method. The identification of these correlations is necessary for conceiving strategies of neutralization of negative effects or of enhancement of positive influences in relation to tourism evolution.


private air transport; tourism; demand; supply; tourism evolution.


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