Svitlana SICHKO, Nadiia YASYNSKA


The current stage of the global economy development is characterized by rapid  financialization process destabilizing the functioning of the global financial system. It is examined that creating quasispheres society is a founder of any changes and resulted in new technical and technological products and goods. It is found out that the community in civilizational transition of present defines that the main concepts of development are knowledge, benefit and income. It is examined that the importance of infrastructure in development of the economy of the world, countries, region. The infrastructure of financial civilization there is a quasisphere that on the one hand, offers new, on the other hand, acts as a generator of effective ideas and actions. There is a gap between the formation of an appropriate institutional infrastructure and rapidly changing administrative and market mechanisms of existing resources regulation and It`s a fundamental problem for infrastructure development. The concepts of financial infrastructure development shall include value-conscious, similar and conceptual components that form the cognitive basic subsystems of financial ideas, knowledge, competencies and practices. Concepts of financial infrastructure development are listed.


Global finances, Society, Infrastructure of finance, Concept.


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