Gender Aspects of Youth Employment in Georgia

Nino Abesadze, Nino Paresshvili


The Actuality of an Issue: Today unemployment in Georgia is one of the most severe socioeconomic problems and therefore is Current challenges for the country. That's why his scientific study is of great importance, especially on the basis statistical indexes of employment and unemployment.

The goal of the study is to analyze the modern picture of unemployment   and employment in Georgia based on the calculation of the statistical data on the Background of Gender Stereotypes.

Research methodology: In development of the article, generally accepted qualitative and quantitative data analysis methods of the economic science were employed, among them, statistical data processing, data grouping, inductive-deductive data analysis methods. The scientific study employs surveying, observation, as well as comparative, analytical, and graphical methods, which are used by the author to compare and analyse facts and assess solutions to specific issues.

Results and implications: The paper considers the gender aspects of employment in Georgia. Besides, the trends of unemployment and their reasons are identified and the international instruments of protection of human rights regulating the equality between the men and the women in Georgia are considered. In addition, based on the statistical data, the analysis of employment and unemployment is given in a gender respect.


Unemployment, Analysis, Business Economics, Management,method.


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