Valbon Bytyqi, Ibrahim Ramadani


Fossil fuels (petroleum, gas, coal) are leaders in global level in energy production. The use of these resources have consequences for the environment where they are. Kosovo is well known for energy resources (coal-lignite, 10-14 billion tone) which are found in central part of Kosovo Plain. The huge amount of lignite makes that economic development of Kosovo to be dependent from this nonrenewable resource.

The use of coal-lignite for energy production began in 50s of XX century. For energy production, in these area are open pit mines from which is extracted coal-lignite for power plants with a capacity of 7.8 million tons per year (2009). From that time, existing mines are extended, new pit mines are opened, wastelands and ash landfills are created, water, air and soils are polluted, thermal effects near power plants are made, etc. Holes created by the exploitation of lignite occupy an area about 1600 ha, overburden dumps courses covering another 1500 ha.

The aim of this paper is to analyze the use of energy resources and geo-environmental changes that came due of this usage. The results achieved in this paper will be addressed to policy makers of governmental level, while the disturbance created by use of coal are affecting citizens in different aspects.

In order to achieve satisfactory results, in this paper will be used analytical methods, comparative method (GIS and RS techniques, maps and aerial image of different year), field survey, etc.


energy resources, energy production, surface exploration, environmental degradation, pollution, anthropogenic landscape.


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