Jahirul HOQUE, Ashraf HOSSAIN, Kabir HOSSAIN


The study is about capital structure policy and its impacts on value of the firm. The outcome of this study was both the primary and secondary data. The study was based on opinions survey of 80 respondents of the 20 manufacturing corporate firms, enlisted under Dhaka Stock Exchange. The empirical analysis of the study was limited to a period of five years ranging 2008-2012. The major findings of the study are: (i) the most important determinant of capital structure policy as rated by the respondents have been financial risk , profitability, availability of fund, productivity, liquidity, operating risk, growth rate, proper timing, corporate tax, stability of sales/ investment etc, (ii) the study reveals that in terms of the average positions of capital structure and financial structure during 2008-2012, Beximco pharma has ranked first followed by Square pharma, Apex Adelchi, DESCO, ACI ltd, Titas gas, Bata shoe,Aftab automobile, Reneata pharma, Square textile ltd etc,(iii) as regards the value of the firm during the study period, Titas gas has obtained first rank followed by Square pharma, DESCO, Beximco pharma, BATBC, ACI, Reneta pharma, Apex Tennary, Apex Adelchi, Bata shoe and so on.(iv) this study has portrayed that the independent variables namely capital structure (CS), debt to equity (DER) & debt to asset (DR), fixed assets to total assets(Tangibility), earnings before interest and taxes to interest charges(ICR), financial leverage multiplier(FLM) have influenced value of the firm(VF) to the extent of 79.1 percent significantly. Therefore, it is recommended that the relevant firm’s authority should take proper measures in order to improve the independent variables having positive influence on value of the firms.


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