Quantitative and qualitative assessment of sport places, spaces and facilities from safety and bioenvironmental point of view

Ali Alizadeh


The purpose of current research is quantitative and qualitative assessment of athletic places, spaces and sports facilities in Dushanbe, Tajikistan from safety and bioenvironmental point of view; and presenting the results about shortages and problems of preservation and maintenance of these premises and equipment. For this purpose, data from three researcher-made questionnaires contains 100 variables (43 variables for evaluation of quantity and quality of places, spaces, and sports equipment in Dushanbe city in Tajikistan; 21 variables about health and safety conditions of buildings and equipment, and dedicated 36 variables to bioenvironmental conditions of the above mentioned places and equipment) were analyzed; and the study population consisted of the 19 sport place and spaces in terms of location, space, sports facilities of Ministry of youth, Sports and tourism of the Republic of Tajikistan. Due to the limited number of available subjects, all the statistical population has been considered as study sample. Required information was collected within 10 months period of study, then, analyzed using descriptive statistics. Face and content validity of the measurement instrument has been approved by faculties and sports scientists. Our findings show that:

1. In terms of quantity, sport spaces of Dushanbe was reported as 26.8 % weak, and 30% moderate, and also in terms of quality of places, spaces and sports equipment 34.8 % good, 26.1 % average.

2. In terms of safety and health condition, places, spaces and sports equipment mentioned above was about 39.1 % moderate and 21.7% good.

3. In terms of bioenvironmental conditions; sport places, spaces, and equipment was amounted to 69.6 % of good condition as well.

In summary, we can considered equipment shortages and financial constraint as the main problem of sports development in Dushanbe, Tajikistan; which caused redouble inattention to health and the safety of these places.

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