Knowledge Management at Higher Educational Institutes in Bangladesh: The case study of self-assessed processes of two educational Institutions

Muhammad Mahboob Ali, Vichayanan Rattanawiboonsom, Farheen Hassan, Alexandru Mircea Nedelea


Knowledge Management of higher education is correlated to self-assessment process .This can act as a well-thought-out groundwork for effective decisions and work plan relating to quality assurance at Bangladesh. The research was created on secondary sources and presents qualitative research. Department of Accounting and Information System of Jagannath University (JU), Bangladesh and Department of Pharmacy, Dhaka International University (DIU). In command of progress and ensure excellence in Advancement of Educational Institutions are obligatory to be more receptive to the global varying requirements of both types of internal and external stakeholders as observed by the authors. University Grants Commission (UGC), Bangladesh should come forward with ranking system of journal rankings   to improve quality of research as observed by the authors. Employability skill among the students with originality and inventive nature is being required. For selecting teachers, in the circular of public universities they should refrain from advertising that private university passed students cannot apply as suggested by the authors. Authors’   recommended that  the country need to shape own branding through formulating National educational qualification framework from preprimary to Tertiary level of education with an appropriate connection and evaluation     not following mainly Malaysia but also developed nations need to be prepared.


: Employability Skill; Higher education and Impact on Macro economy; Economic Development, Ranking of Journal

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