Anghel Tudorel Cozma


Interest in the pet food market is increasing globally. It is noteworthy that the pet food market is growing in sales especially for dogs and cats. The central goal of the research is to analyze the preference for buying pet products online or offline during the pandemic period. The study also looks at the differences between pet food buyers based on socio-demographic and geographical factors. For this purpose, an online interview was conducted based on a questionnaire with a sample of 1,525 people on Facebook groups related to pets. Investigating the buying behavior of pet owners during the COVID-19 pandemic, the research found several changes caused by restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the restrictions imposed by the government during the pandemic, some pet owners have changed their purchasing behavior and a new trend has emerged in the pet food market. The study offers perspectives for pet food manufacturers, retailers, veterinarians but also for those interested in the evolution of the pet food market.


pet food, pet owners, purchasing online, COVID-19 pandemic, Romania


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