Until the year 2000, the marketing in Kosovo used to be of a traditional form with the main focus on advertisements which can be considered outdated. We are all witnessing a continuous growth of television, radio, and print media; however as consumers we are tired of such communications and readings. We need something that creates immediate movement. In this direction different entrepreneurs in Kosovo have chosen different marketing strategies to meet their needs.

Nowadays, when we have a technological development and a high mobility enabling access to Internet through different smart devices (smart phone, i-pad, etc.) a more dynamic marketing is required compared to a traditional marketing. The traditional marketing is quite expensive and different organizations have been searching for less expensive forms of marketing, because most of organizations do not have the means to do traditional marketing. A form of marketing that fits well with the now days requirements as well as various economic opportunities to these organizations is "guerrilla marketing" without leaving aside the marketing of social networks.

The guerrilla marketing is a marketing technique that does not require a lot of financial means and is suitable for the companies that can not afford to allocate a lot of their budget in marketing. Also, the current trends in line with the technological developments require aspects that are suitable for many enterprises in Kosovo, especially those of the private sector such as small and medium enterprises or organizations, associations and movements, which do not have a sufficient budget to make major traditional marketing campaigns..


marketing, guerrilla marketing, advertisements, enterprises, Kosovo


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