Mihaela DIACONU, Olimpia OANCEA, Mihaela BRINZEA


This paper aims to provide, on the one hand, a conceptual framework of the importance that integrated marketing communication has acquired today and, on the other hand to outline an overview of the main communication tools used in Social Media.. The methodology used was the literrature review. The main conclusions of this study show that marketing communication environment has changed greatly. Technology and the Internet have fundamentally changed the way people and businesses communicate and interact. Integrated marketing communication is the means by which companies inform, persuade and remind consumers, directly or indirectly, on the products and / or services they market. Consequently, integrated marketing communication has become a fundamental aspect, a business vision and an essential factor in the success of marketing activity. Most of today's businesses are achieved through digital networks that are designed to connect people and companies. The online environment has fundamentally changed consumer notions about comfort, speed, price, product and services information. The result is a new way to create value for customers and build long-term and profitable relationships with them


integrated marketing communication, modern communication instruments, online environment, consumer behavior , social media.


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