Alexandru Mircea NEDELEA, Marilena Oana NEDELEA


According to humane marketing, the entire population of the Earth must be happy, content and even delighted, not only the clients of certain companies (as considered by the classical marketing). Therefore, from this viewing point, we are dealing with the necessary activity of rebranding the marketing itself. Humane marketing represents and concerns the entire economic system regarded from the point of view of the final result, seen by comparison to the happiness of the entire humanity. Humane marketing represents a new concept, a new vision, a new way of seeing the relationship between the individual and the society he lives in. The essence of the concept (orientation) of humane marketing consists in identifying, anticipating and quantifying the needs and desires of humans and their satisfaction. Rebranding marketing will allow passing from a vicious marketing to a beneficial, humane marketing. We think that the society has reached a level of development which allows only one viable solution for evolution, namely to make a qualitative leap in the consciousness of the humanity, which should include, among others, the waiver of aggressive marketing made only in order to obtain profit, to the detriment of attaining human happiness, both individually and of the entire humanity.


humane marketing, peace marketing, rebranding marketing

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