Gani Asllani, Bedri Statovci


Economic development and growth were and they are still a topic for discussion among economists, creators and bearers of economic policies, experts and media. In this study paper are touched some of the basic matters of economic development and growth, their measurement, factors influencing in development and economic growth and their reflection in the life standard of different countries of the world. Furthermore a special emphasis have western Balkan countries which after 2000 have written down insufficient trends of economic growth, investment growth, consumption and in creation of new jobs. Certainly, in economic development and growth have impact many other factors such as: historical, geographical, demographic, social, cultural and many other factors, therefore national economies (dependently from their size) are very complex and heterogenic communities and by creators of the economic policies needs their adjustments and structuring in that way that the bearers of decision-makers to adopt adequate policies at the macro and micro- economic level.


economic development, economic growth, development rate, economic structure


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