Petronela Scutariu


Since local public administration meets local public interests by using local public resources – human, material and financial ones, the important role of the latter in the functioning of the local public administration cannot be denied. In a corresponding way, local autonomy – essential variable in the development process of the local public administration, cannot express truly without the existence of the local public resources available to the local community. In this matter, through the present article we aim to analyze the link between the level of the local public resources and the degree of the local autonomy, in relation to the concrete situation of Romanian local public administration, with an emphasis on the Suceava County. Investigations carried out in the administration of Suceava County have confirmed that the increasing of the level of resources available in the local public administration have also increased the degree of the local autonomy. A higher level of local public resources available to management representatives in the local public administration is likely to ultimately enhance their ability to achieve goals without support come from outside, which emphasizes a high degree of autonomy in the local administration process.


Local Public Administration; Local Public Resources; Local Autonomy; Local Public Authorities; Management Representatives in the Local Public Administration Structures


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